2 December 2022
The Future of Sex Categories in Sport (AM)
The Duty of Care in Sport (PM)  

Royal Society of Medicine. London

18 November 2022
Mental Health: From Prevention to Intervention to Reintegration - A Systematic Approach to Supporting Mental Health in Elite Athletes
Programme to be announced shortly


MedEduCare is committed to delivering high level advanced Sport and Exercise Medicine and Science (SEMS) Education.  We have provided interactive and highly informative SEMS education days since 2009, when we were inspired by the build up to London 2012 to initiate and develop a series of programmes at the highest level.  Our not-for-profit programmes are led by the Programme Medical Director and supported by specialist Guest Chairs.  Future topics are based upon educational demand and knowledge progress, and our programmes are CPD accredited with the relevant professional bodies.  

             We aim to hold our meetings at The Royal Society of Medicine which is synonymous with learning and education foundations. 


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